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Virtual Shortcuts [March-2022]

Allows you to store pictures, videos and text as virtual shortcuts on your desktop.

This is an innovative and incredibly user-friendly application, that allows you to make your desktop a cleaner place, providing you with the ability to use shortcuts to browse, view, and control the windows you have open.

It is a unique application, offering a unique experience, one that let’s you organize the shortcuts you have on your desktop in order to navigate to the windows you have open and access to them.

You can think of this application as similar to a digital scrapbook. It contains all the necessary information in order to browse your desktop.

There are several icons you can use to add shortcuts to your desktop. You can drag and drop pictures, videos, text or even folders.

You can also browse folders and open them, allowing you to see any icons that are in them.

Virtual Shortcuts Key Features:

Allows you to save icons, pictures, videos and text as virtual shortcuts on your desktop.

Create shortcuts to navigate to the windows you have open, and even to access to the contents of the windows.

Organize the shortcuts you have on your desktop in folders.

Drag and drop any of the icons mentioned above.

It can display thumbnails of the files you are browsing.

To end with, all icons will be shown in an unmodifiable size, and you can use them as backgrounds.

By installing this application, you can make your desktop a cleaner place. It has a clean and simple interface, with very few options to get used to.

If you already have several icons on your desktop, they will now have a new life, and that means you will have to spend less time organizing your desktop, since now all the icons are organized inside the application.

There is no option to delete a shortcut, however, you can clear all the icons in your workspace, letting you make room for new shortcuts.

How to use Virtual Shortcuts:

When you install the application, it will display the interface. Click on File and then Add Icon. It will ask you for three options: The first one is the route, this is the path that will lead you to the file. The second option is the file name, and the third is the icon that will be displayed on the desktop. When done with the process, you will be able to see a small image that represents the shortcut you have

Virtual Shortcuts [March-2022]

Virtual Shortcuts is an application designed for organizing your desktop shortcuts in one and easy place.

With the help of this application, you can easily arrange your desktop shortcuts in a well-thought format. Do not bother with arranging shortcuts into folders! This application offers you a comfortable way to place your shortcuts on your desktop. It is very easy to use!

Virtual Shortcuts is a useful application with a light-weight interface. Do not worry about the size of the application – Virtual Shortcuts consumes a very low amount of resources. It does not slow down your computer even when running it in the background. The interface of the application is intuitive and it will take you a short time to get used to it.

Virtual Shortcuts provides you with a lot of options. You can choose to organize your shortcuts manually or automatically. You can specify the speed of the speed when organizing shortcuts. You can add or remove shortcuts at any time.

Virtual Shortcuts is designed for all types of desktop computer systems. If you are working with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, then you will be able to get the most out of this application. With the help of this application, you will be able to organize your desktop shortcuts.

Virtual Shortcuts provides you with a lot of features. The application works with various desktop shortcuts, such as MS Office, multimedia files, and other. Moreover, it can even work with Internet browser shortcuts. The list of supported files is very long.

Furthermore, this application works with the Dropbox application. This means that you will be able to sync and organize your Dropbox desktop shortcuts. Therefore, you will have access to your shortcuts and their files, even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Of course, it is possible to add your own shortcuts to Virtual Shortcuts. The application can even be used for organizing your system tray shortcuts. All of your shortcuts will be shown on the screen, allowing you to easily access them.

No features of this application require any technical knowledge. You can use this application even if you do not know how to use a computer. The interface of the application is intuitive. It will take you only a short time to get used to it. It also requires only a few resources from the computer.

Virtual Shortcuts is very easy to use. Once you start using it, you will see that organizing your desktop shortcuts is very comfortable and intuitive. The design of this application is very simple and it does not require a lot of your time

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The application only makes use of one window, in which your shortcuts will be placed, as well as all the options needed to do so. A background can be chosen for the work-space to make it suit your desktop. Other than that, there are only the options to add and clear icons, and this is where it gets complicated.
Give it a bit of your time
When wanting to add a shortcut a small screen will appear asking for three requirements in order to place them in the virtual space. You must specify the route, a name to easy identify it, and an icon to be displayed. Unfortunately, none of these can be omitted, and it can get a little time-consuming in case you want to add a lot of shortcuts.
You can say goodbye to shortcuts from your desktop because upon deciding to use this application they will have no use anymore. In other words, it is imperative that you add the shortcuts through the menu, not being able to simply drag and drop the items in question.
Furthermore, once you finally go through the process, all icons will be shown in an unmodifiable size, which might prove to be a little discomforting. The same applies for the name of the shortcuts.
To end with
Virtual Shortcuts tries to offer a helping hand if you decide to make your desktop a cleaner place. It can, indeed, let you forget about icons on your desktop, and it even allows you to store pictures and videos however, arranging everything can be a pretty time-consuming process.
Download Virtual Shortcuts 1.0.2
Download Virtual Shortcuts 1.0.2 for free from Softonic: Download free

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What’s New In?

-Protect your photos.
-Comes with a lot of themes and wallpapers.
-Easily create more virtual spaces for your shortcuts.
-Create your own themes and wallpapers.
-Hide icons on the desktop.
-Show the desktop with a background.
-Hide icons from desktop and the unity bar.
-Arrange the shortcuts on the desktop.
-Set wallpaper.
-Customize the size of shortcuts and icons.
-Customize the name of shortcuts.
-Highlights are placed on the screen to help you navigate.
-Keep your desktop clean.
-Show the desktop with a background.
-Save your desktop settings and keep them.
-Avoid organizing icons on your desktop.
-Create virtual spaces for your shortcuts.
-Save your shortcuts.
-Create your own wallpapers and themes.
-Customize your desktop.

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