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How can I test this JavaScript bit of code?

Can you tell me if this is good JavaScript.
var job;
function show(jid)
job = new URL(jid);
document.write(“Show information on ” + job.hostname + ” : ” + job.path);

If you can test it, great. If not, please explain why it’s not good JavaScript.


Your code looks great to me!
I would just like to mention two things:

new URL(jid) creates a URL object that is set in memory. That’s not exactly what you want. Instead, you should create a new URL object each time you want to use it.
I think it’s a good practice to write an initialization function for your variables. Just doing document.write(‘bla bla bla’) will cause an execution context that is not required for your application.


There’s a subtle difference between “working” and “correct”. A function that is “correct” works with what you ask of it, even if it’s doing other things on the side. A function that is “working” works, but is probably doing other things besides what you ask of it. I suggest you make your code less obtuse by using if/else statements to determine the behavior of your function based on the input. It’s really a personal preference, but this would be my preferred approach to coding such a function.
function show(jid) {
var job;

if (jid) {
job = new URL(jid);
} else {



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