XArpG [Mac/Win] [Latest]

The XArpG application provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of network management small tools.
XArpG is a applied to the LAN environment, network management tools. GUI (Graphical User Interface) version of the XArpG and CUI (Character User Interface) version of the XArpC together form XArp tool suite.
XArpG to help network administrators to manage networks, resolving network problems. XArpG is base on IPV4 and Ethernet network. Such as PPPoE for ADSL is not currently supported; for other non-Ethernet network environment is also being not support it. Fewer people use IPV6 currently, so there is no program code for the IPV6 protocol in XArpG internal. Subsequent versions may consider increasing the IPV6 protocol processing.¡¡







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1.UI – Graphical user interface (GUI) on the web browser has a standard user interface. Installer includes all files on the web browser and start without installation.
2.Installation ¡¡
The installation process can be divided into two steps; USB and installation by default.
3.Features ¡¡
● XArpG Activation Code supports to multiple TCP/IP connection in a single XArpG instance.
● XArpG support all 802.11 Networks (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n) protocols
● IP addresses of local client/server and remote server can be automatically set.
● Support saving the work for the user in the background mode.
● The user can choose a channel bandwidth on different network environment (2Mbps or 6Mbps) in the background mode.
● Various difficulty mode for network attacks in the background mode.
● The user can choose add or delete one of the APs manually in the background mode.
● The user can set the wireless network name (SSID name) by himself.
● The user can pass through on different network environment easily in the network switch (802.11, 4Mbps, 6Mbps) in the background mode.
● Wireless connection setting in the background mode.
● The user can set a random number for each client.
● The user can set the wireless authentication type of the user, we can see 4 types (WEP, WPA, WPA2, OPEN) in the background mode.
● The user can set a random number for each remote server.
● The user can setup the wizard to show the problems with the wireless network in the background mode.
● The user can set the destination IP of the remote server on the wireless network connection.
● The user can set the timeout to notify the user for various waiting in the background mode.
● The user can set the port scan count in the background mode.
● The user can set the AP (access point) range (distance) on the wireless network in the background mode.
● The user can choose the display mode on each remote server on the wireless network in the background mode.
● The user can configure wireless network encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2) and encryption key manually.
● The user can choose a random or fixed key for the encryption, it is also easy to memorize the password.
● The user can check the AP

XArpG For Windows

XArpG is the program to manage the network environment at IPV4 and Ethernet use environment. Network administrator can perform such as link up, link down, link test, primary and secondary management through XArpG interface. Also, it supports to setting up or shut down PPPoE (Point to Point protocol over Ethernet). In such use environment, XArpG can be used in same manner, and can replace LANCON. XArpG is like a graphical interface to the LANCON to perform network management.
The program was developed by research team of the Telecommunications Faculty of the Tokyo University of Science.

XBase is a part of XArpG tool suite, and has an interface for XArp to use in the same manner as CUI.
It manages the IPV6 protocol, so it is only available for XArpG.

Several new functions were added and some functions were changed in XArpG version 2.0.

From May, 2001, users of XArpG version 2.0 can now join or leave the group of users by use of XArpGgroup and get a message of the remaining users in the group through GUI. For non-standard users, a command line version of XArpG called XArpCLI was released as part of version 2.0.

XArpG version 2.0 will also have a command line version, XArpCLI.

The XArpCLI allows a node to use IPV4 and Ethernet network management tool to monitor or to control IPV4 and Ethernet network.

Well, one more advantage of XArpG: it is the same environment as XCON (XCON is the interface to LANCON).Q:

Opening windows in multiple x sessions in ratpoison

I use ratpoison to run my four x sessions, each on a separate virtual desktop (I’ve only got one real screen). The problem I’ve run into is that I can’t seem to open another window and have it appear on one of the sessions.
For example: I open a GUI text editor (kate) from one of the sessions, and it simply appears on the current desktop (no matter what desktop it is).
I can open an ncurses based program from a script using screen -S with no problem, but if I open it from one of the sessions it will appear on the

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-XArpG is used to managing a network including IP addresses, IP subnet mask, and other network tools.
-If internet connection setting time-out, the XArpG resuming setting on the network again.
-Can change IP address and other network configuration of the DSL is been blocked.
-The XArpG supports data update with server application such as DNS, DHCP for DSL modem and other IP settings.
-Provided DHCP for the network environment enabled by the Active Directory.
-The XArpG designed to manage the network environment.
-All GUI (Graphical User Interface) function the same as the command line program XArpC.
-IPV4 and IPV6 protocol function both the same command-line options.
-XArpG supports Ethernet format and IPv4 (IPV4-IPV6) address.
-Every administrator can check user information by XArpG in any network status.
-XArpG is a GUI interface screen based on Microsoft WPF for network technologies.
-It is designed for modern user interface and is suitable for more flexible operation.
-Can be used with Windows XP-Windows 8.
-Suitable for the server that is platform independent operation.
-Suitable for the client is not being supported.
-XArpG source code is Microsoft C# that is compiled with C++.
-Fast and clear for any error.
-Flexible and extendable.
-Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit environment.
-Portable software can be run on Windows environments.
•Support for XArpG for Ethernet IP and IPv4
•Support for IPV6 and PPPoE ADSL for Ethernet IP and IPv4
•Support for IPV4 and IPV6 for PPPoE ADSL
•Support for PPPoE ADSL for Ethernet IP

XArpG is a GUI version of network management small tools.
XArpG is a tool for Microsoft Windows operating system family (XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) that allows you to manage and configure network settings using graphical user interface. Using XArpG, you can change IP address, subnet mask, DNS information, and other Internet settings.
Configuring the IP address and subnet mask settings of an ADSL network on your computer is usually

What’s New In XArpG?

XArpG can manage and test the following:

Single Link
Link Aggregation
AP-STA (access point-station)

and also is managing ARP poisoning and ARP poisoning countermeasures.

XArpG Function:
In XArpG, the first function displays the single link management such as:

Edit the configuration file for this link.
This includes the following:-

Definition of the interface if needed.

Interfaces name editing; (if you don’t define interface name, the interface will be automatic index).

Command the MAC address.

Edit the destination IP address.

Add a new MAC address.

Clear or delete a MAC address.

Set the MAC address.

Edit the destination IP address.

Command the MAC address.

Change the IP mask length.

To check the link status, you can click the link name in the single link column. You can check the connection status and the status of the link speed, the more details see the status button on the top of the page. The status mode may be ad hoc mode and full ad hoc mode. You can see the status screen as follows:

Click on the link name under column to go to the single link status screen.

Status of the link is such as (expanded display may be needed for larger, more detailed display):-

Definition of the interface if needed.

Net Link Status:- Check the entire link status.

Link Speed:- Check the link speed is low or not.

MTU:- Check the MTU is acceptable or not.

Protocol:- Check if the protocol is IP, ARP or NTP (UDP).

Route:- Check if the route is correct or not.

ARP Poisoning:

IP Address Management:- Check if IP address is changing or not.

ARP poisoning countermeasures:

Add IP poisoning address (Poison address can be dynamic).

Edit IP poisoning address.

Edit IP poisoning address range.

Delete IP poisoning address (can be used for clearing).

Show IP poisoning address range (can be used for clearing).

Delete IP poisoning address range (can be used for clearing).

How To Install

Download the software: (you can use the mirror link given on the tool’s bottom-right)

Extract all the

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz or equivalent; 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 6 GB free disk space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: Remote Play requires a broadband Internet connection and is not supported on some network configurations.
Additional Requirements:
Adobe Flash Player