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StringMaster Free

* Can split a single large string file into several new smaller ones
* The file to be split is specified in the input file as a list of strings and the file to be created is specified in the output file as a list of strings
* The User can choose to sort the resulting files by alphabetical, numerical or other criteria
* Manual set up of the input and output files is supported for convenience
* The program supports Unicode and UTF-8 character sets
* Supported file formats are:
* Supported languages are:
* English
* French
* German
* Italian
* Russian
* Spanish

With HDF file formats you have a lot of flexibility in creating and managing your data.
With the help of different tools and free file editing software you can easily create files on your own.

This is a very powerful program that can add,delete,edit,sort or change many of the files at once.
You can use this program to edit name-Value data files, like TXT, CSV or even RTF files.
It will show you where the name and value are, and how to edit them.
You can also import new data, delete data, and sort data on the fly.

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DVDImager is a simple free, open source, and portable program that lets you burn data CD/DVD (ISO, BIN, etc.) and burn your MP3 or other CD/DVD image to CD/DVD using the ISO image as the media.

EditPad is a simple text editor that can be easily controlled with a mouse or via hotkeys.

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StringMaster X64

String Master is a reliable program that is able to split a large file into multiple smaller ones, based on the occurrence of a user-defined criterion.
The program includes various options for using the results:
You can use the generated smaller files to create HTML, ASP, ASX or CSV files
You can also filter the data using a text file with the same format as the text files you generated
The program may be used to create HTML pages using a number of powerful, yet easy to use HTML generation tools, such as HTTPC, ASP.NET, and ASP.
Main Features of String Master:
1) The program can be used as a standalone utility, or as part of a main application
2) The ability to sort the data is based on the text file that is given to the program
3) It can be used to generate HTML pages using any of the abovementioned tools
4) The program may be used to generate a variety of other files, such as CSV, ASX, and XML
5) The program is available as a free download

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Version 1.0


System Requirements

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Windows NT 4.5 or higher.

The following describes the system requirements in detail:

Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Windows NT 4.5 or higher.

Memory: 1 GB RAM is recommended.

Disk space: 1 GB of disk space is recommended.

Recommended: 20 MB free space for installation.


Instruction by the program

The program is relatively easy to use. However, one can expect that some trial and error are needed to understand how the program works. The program’s main features are demonstrated in the screenshots below.

1) Create HTML page

After the program runs, you will be presented with the menu to the right of the screen, which contains the following options:

Create HTML page: This is used to generate an HTML page that is based on the data contained in the input files. The program includes a useful set of tools for generating a variety of files that can be used to create a website. You can use the free version for this purpose. However, it does not contain all the features

StringMaster Crack

The program is easy to use and has minimal impact on system resources. It will automatically sort your source data, split it into multiple files and provide the list of all original strings.
You can also sort the files manually (in accordance to your needs) by using the built-in Search-String tool.
Further information on the features of the tool can be found on the help-files.

Sorting the list of strings can be done using the built-in Search-String tool (similar to the “Replace with…” feature).
A short list of the available options is included in the Help-files.
Moreover, you can easily skip any unmatched strings (by using the “Do not sort” option).

File Splitting

A simple to use file splitting function.


A powerful tool to search for a string in the file. It is similar to the “Replace with” feature.


You can choose to overwrite the existing file. In this case, it is enough to provide the name of the target file.
The program will use the source file content to replace all the strings from the source file to the target one.
This method is the fastest and the most efficient.


Choose to search for the string only if the target string is included in the file (this option makes the process much faster).

Use the string master Search-String tool. Enter the term and choose to find only the ones that appear in the target file.

Further Options

The use of the program is very simple and does not take much of your time.

The use of the tool is very simple and does not take much of your time.

The user is provided with multiple options to use the program as he pleases.

The sorting process is much faster when used the program.

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What’s New in the StringMaster?

Q: How to change the default directory?

A: Set the option “default folder” to the desired folder in the options. This setting disables user access to the default folder.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

1 GHz processor
Crossover Games™ HD Graphics
DVD-ROM drive
Sound Card
NET Framework 4.0
50 MB available space
Keyboard + mouse
Network cable
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