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Search for Active Directory objects that are deleted

Preview the deleted items and select the ones you want to recover

Restore objects with their attributes intact

Includes filters so you can search for the object you want

Supports formats that include text, number, date and Boolean

Allows you to preview all elements associated with the objectIncreased in vitro expression of nonclassical HLA-I molecules.
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A tool that makes it possible to restore Mac OS X Keychain entries that have been deleted or recovered. Allows you to restore keychain files, passwords or keys in the process.
Allows you to search for and restore the objects
Activate Adware is an excellent tool that comes with a splendid interface that features tabs that help you find the relevant information without any hassle. The program features a search field and several other tabs including My Mac, Special Items, Restore, Auto Startup, Personal Info and Support.
You can use the ‘Search’ tab to locate the file(s) that you want to restore. The app opens in Finder, which means that you do not have to open it up from the Xcode menu to find the file. Just type the name in the search box and the app locates the desired information. The interface allows you to preview and recover data, which includes passwords, keys, iMessage history, certificates, bookmarks, codes, DDi and much more.
Display and store info about the recovered data
One of the best features of Activate Adware is the fact that it lets you view all the information about the files that you can recover. The app not only helps you to preview the data, but also saves it to a text document, which means that you do not have to open Finder when you want to see the info. You can even attach the recovered files to an email.
Thanks to its extensive recovery features, the program allows you to restore a variety of files in a few clicks. You can restore deleted items, lost passwords, deleted applications and much more in a couple of minutes.
The app does not take up too much memory, which makes it ideal for use on older Mac systems.
Long time boot required
There is no need to sign up for a trial and purchase the activation code if you want to use Activate Adware. You can use the tool as much as you like without paying a dime and without time limitations.
Backup MagicDescription:
Backup Magic helps you to find and restore files, that you have misplaced or accidentally deleted from Mac OS X. The app features a simple yet intuitive UI that is easy to use and a helpful feature that lets you preview the recovered file.
Allows you to find lost files
The tool starts out by letting you to search for the lost files. The app looks for files with certain attributes in the ‘Everything’, ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Folders’ tabs

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Keymacro is an ultra lightweight software with just two main features. It is designed to be an all-in-one utility for clipboard automation. Besides being a clipboard manager it also provides a keyboard macro recorder that lets you record your keyboard activities. You can record your typical tasks, including a game of symbols, TOSHIBA, DOSKEY, and others, and then you can apply this macro to a shortcut or launch program when you want. It even has a full fledge undo command.
Keymacro PRO Features:
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Backup and restore clipboard history
Record your keyboard activities as a macro
Create keyboard shortcuts for all your favorite commands
Various keyboard layout settings
Save a custom shortcut for your most common actions
Backup and restore clipboard history
Create custom clipboard profiles
“Keymacro Pro” costs only $9.95

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What’s New In?

Tom’s AD Object Recovery is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to search for and restore Active Directory objects with all attributes intact, providing that Recycle Bin is enabled.
allows you to find various Active Directory objects
after a fast and straightforward installation, you are welcomed by an appealing and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and well-structured. The UI consists of a resizable window designed with ribbons and that features a single tab.
allows you to find various Active Directory objects
the idea behind the program is to provide you with a quick and painless method to search for Active Directory items that you have deleted intentionally or by mistake. To be more precise, the app enables you to find computer, user, group, organizational units, print queues and full volume encryption objects that are deleted on your system.
includes filters so you can search for the object you want
it is worth mentioning that duration of the query for the entities can take up to a few minutes, depending on the time passed since the object was deleted. As soon as the query is over, the app displays extra info such as the dates when it was created, changed and the last known parent.
The tool allows you to preview a list of the entities that can be recovered and select the ones that you want to restore. You should bear in mind that the recovery aims to restore objects with all their attributes intact so that you cannot encounter errors whenever you try to access an account associated with it.
While it is rather inconspicuous, the application comes with a search function that enables you to search for an object via its corresponding value. The search box can be found in the lower area of the UI.
A useful tool for restoring Active Directory deleted objects
In the eventuality that you accidentally deleted user, computer or other objects that are associated with Active Directory, then you can attempt to revert the process via Tom’s AD Object Recovery.
The app is a lightweight tool that enables you to recover Active Directory objects such as users, computers, groups, organizational units, print queues and full volume encryption objects. To be more precise, the app enables you to find various Active Directory objects that have been intentionally deleted or by mistake.
The app allows you to find objects that have been deleted, with a list of recovery options as well as the date when they were deleted.

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System Requirements For Tom’s AD Object Recovery:

– Windows OS: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
– Android: 2.3.3 and later
– iOS: 9.0.1 and later
– Internet:
– In-App Purchasing of Coins and additional purchase features requires an internet connection.
– A connection to the Internet is required in order to download the game data in the cloud, therefore it may not work in some areas such as hotspot and mobile data use.
– The game requires access to Google Play.
You may find